“Best Practices for Sustainable Communities: Lessons from the Golden Temple.”

Join us on Wednesday, April 12, 7 pm  for a screening of a documentary entitled

A Table for Sixty-Thousand


Filmmaker Teresa Singh will be on hand to discuss her project, the practice of “Langar” and its various implications for community building.

Teresa and her husband, Prof. Jasprit Singh, have led groups of University students during several recent trips to Amritsar to study the lessons in sustainability that the Shri Harmandir Sahib (the Golden Temple) has to offer. They have produced a documentary film entitled, “A Table for Sixty Thousand”

At the ‘Golden Temple’ everyday on average 60,000 (and rising) vegetarian meals are prepared and shared by visitor at no cost !

Over 400 years ago the idea of basic nutrition as a birthright was introduced and implemented in The Punjab. Today this practice, called “Langar,” is responsible for over one million free meals every day in the state of Punjab and not only provides nutrition to the poor and rich, but also provides a stage where people from all walks of life can come together, and a space where people can learn how to cook a nourishing meal.

Bring a dish to share in the spirit of the “Langar” tradition!



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